14th Sun Parlour Rodeo
Aug 01 '15 - Aug 02 '15 
Easy Walking Stables - Kingsville


Sun Parlour Rodeo began over 14 years ago with a small idea from a local cowboy. He thought that it might be good entertainment to bring a rodeo to the area. John thought that it would be a great way to bring the community together and raise some money for the local hospital. After meeting with BJ Prince from The Rawhide Rodeo Company, they decided that it was worth a try! John and a few friends formed the Sun Parlour Rodeo Committee and began planning for the first Sun Parlour Rodeo in 2001.

The first year drew a crowd of about 3-4 thousand people and purchased a bladder scanner for the Leamington District Memorial Hospital with the money raised. Throughout the past 13 years, a bladder scanner, baby monitor and portable defibrillator along with $45,000 towards the dialysis unit has been donated totalling $100,000 to the Leamington District Memorial Hospital. In 2008, Sun Parlour Rodeo thought that WE care for Kids, a local children’s charity, would be an excellent partner for the event and since donated $108,500 to that cause. In 2014, The Hospice of Windsor Essex County Inc. Erie Shores Campus was selected as charity of choice and received $40,000 their first year, assisting to reach a grand total of charitable donations to date of about $248,500.

The very successful charity event continues to be produced by BJ Prince and his amazing Rawhide Rodeo crew! They continue to bring their energy and commitment year after year. Today, the event is planned by a family of 5 with the help of many family and friends and all of the proceeds are donated again to The Hospice of Windsor Essex County Inc. Erie Shores Campus. The event could not be possible without the tremendous support of the local sponsors who have given generously over the past 13 years. The people of the surrounding community have also supported the event through their commitment in attending the event year after year. We look forward to seeing you at the event August 1st, and 2nd at 6pm.


Easy Walking Stables
1835 Road 4 E
N9Y 2E5
Country: ca





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