Living the Dream - Every Day in Every Way
Wednesday, 11 March 2015 17:04

Yesterday I witnessed someone having a small temper tantrum over a problematic computer, and my response was "Your nightmare is another person's dream." This is one of my many motto's for life.

As a kid, while watching a roping instruction VHS tape by Walt Woodard, a 20-time Wrangler National Finals Qualifier and 2-time Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association World Champion Heeler there was a line that struck a chord with me. He said, "...people are always walkin' around in a huff, and when asked 'how are you?' they go into their problems. My answer is always, 'I'm great'. If you have your health and you have family, you have everything you need. You're great. The rest will all work out...." (paraphrased).

This has now transpired to my automatic response, "Just Livin' the Dream..." and when challenged, followed by, "every day in every way."


I'm involved in a lot. Sure, there are some downsides of each project, but for the most part... I'm living my dream.

  • rodeo-family-picture
    Family - Raising a boy who is absolutely hilarious while being extremely polite is not only entertaining, but something that brings great pride, though I'm thinking humour comes from his Dad and the politeness from his Mom.
  • rodeo-announcer
    Rodeo and Live-Event Announcing - I've had the opportunity to hit some of the largest events in the North-East, and travel to Texas, Florida and Oklahoma to name a few at some marquee events. Small or large, near or far, I love being a part of event production.
  • radio-sales
    Radio Marketing - A year ago I joined a medium-sized broadcaster in small-town Ontario. This has provided a roster of clients spanning many industries, and though media sales is a challenge, being a solution provider and delivering ROI to many businesses for their first time, it is a rewarding career.
  • stand-up-canada
    Stand-up Comedy - Over 10-years ago a colleague mentioned that they had toured professionally, and told me how to get into the Industry. A decade later, I finally fulfilled that 'bucket list' item, and after 12.5 sets... it is a new passion.
  • rc-race-director
    Race Directing - A new challenge that has featured me on viral videos, and while is a lot of work, is quite fun managing with racers on the ground and in the air.

Passion projects, mostly, or so it seems. Go, go, go... sure, we ain't rich, but we feel free.

And that, is living the dream.

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