A Story of being a Cowboy
Monday, 10 February 2014 18:20

Back-to-Back Ontario Finals Rodeo Champion Saddle Bronc Rider Rodney WeeseThere's a Cowboy from Ontario, Canada that has tore up the rodeo trail and won a number of championships. And though he was was the reigning Two-Time Ontario Rodeo Association All Around Champion, Ontario Finals Rodeo and Year-end Champion Saddle Bronc Rider and much, much more... he was celebrated at the 2012 ORA Awards Banquet with what I think is one of the coolest stories of the past few years of rodeo competition.

Qualifying for the Ontario Finals Rodeo third, the Year-end Title would be a grind. However, back-to-back OFR Titles were well within reach.

At the previous OFR, he set the arena record twice at 70-points. The first was in the opening round of the 2012 OFR with 70 points vs. Rawhide Rodeo's #168 I'll Crush You. The second was the third round vs. Rawhide Rodeo's #23 Air Jordan. These stats come into play as we jump into the 2013 OFR.

In the Opening Round at the 2013 OFR, the champ drew #23 Air Jordan. They paired for 70-points, tying the arena record for a 3rd time; also being a 2nd time the champ and Air Jordan were at the top.

In the Second Round, it seemed Karma was riding in the truck with him as the champ again drew #168 I'll Crush You (the 70-point arena record match with the champ in the 1st round of the 2012 OFR). However, the ride wasn't as solid as the previous, and the champ was awarded a re-ride horse: Rawhide Rodeo's #57 Poison Ivy. Before the 8-seconds were complete on the re-ride, the champ was on the ground, and it seemed as if the gold buckle dreams would be dashed.

Into the third and final round, the champ drew none other than #57 Poison Ivy for a re-match... or a ride for redemption. And like a true champion, and a true cowboy, he not only went for 70 points... the pair were scored at 71-points for a new arena record.

As the dust settled, the 141 on 2 would be enough to win back-to-back OFR Championships.

That Champ is Rod Weese. And that was a cool story to watch unfold, to share as it unfolded, and to re-tell again. Grit. Determination. Cowboy.