Living the Dream - Every Day in Every Way
Wednesday, 11 March 2015 17:04

Yesterday I witnessed someone having a small temper tantrum over a problematic computer, and my response was "Your nightmare is another person's dream." This is one of my many motto's for life.

As a kid, while watching a roping instruction VHS tape by Walt Woodard, a 20-time Wrangler National Finals Qualifier and 2-time Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association World Champion Heeler there was a line that struck a chord with me. He said, "...people are always walkin' around in a huff, and when asked 'how are you?' they go into their problems. My answer is always, 'I'm great'. If you have your health and you have family, you have everything you need. You're great. The rest will all work out...." (paraphrased).

This has now transpired to my automatic response, "Just Livin' the Dream..." and when challenged, followed by, "every day in every way."

I'm involved in a lot. Sure, there are some downsides of each project, but for the most part... I'm living my dream.

  • rodeo-family-picture
    Family - Raising a boy who is absolutely hilarious while being extremely polite is not only entertaining, but something that brings great pride, though I'm thinking humour comes from his Dad and the politeness from his Mom.
  • rodeo-announcer
    Rodeo and Live-Event Announcing - I've had the opportunity to hit some of the largest events in the North-East, and travel to Texas, Florida and Oklahoma to name a few at some marquee events. Small or large, near or far, I love being a part of event production.
  • radio-sales
    Radio Marketing - A year ago I joined a medium-sized broadcaster in small-town Ontario. This has provided a roster of clients spanning many industries, and though media sales is a challenge, being a solution provider and delivering ROI to many businesses for their first time, it is a rewarding career.
  • stand-up-canada
    Stand-up Comedy - Over 10-years ago a colleague mentioned that they had toured professionally, and told me how to get into the Industry. A decade later, I finally fulfilled that 'bucket list' item, and after 12.5 sets... it is a new passion.
  • rc-race-director
    Race Directing - A new challenge that has featured me on viral videos, and while is a lot of work, is quite fun managing with racers on the ground and in the air.

Passion projects, mostly, or so it seems. Go, go, go... sure, we ain't rich, but we feel free.

And that, is living the dream.

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On the Straight from the Horse's Mouth Podcast talking Rodeo and All Equine
Wednesday, 11 March 2015 14:57

Straight from the Horse's Mouth PodcastRecently I was featured on the Straight from the Horse's Mouth Radio show Podcast. In this 30 minute interview I talk about how I grew into the Sport of Rodeo, how Rodeo has grown in Ontario, how the Sport has evolved, how I got into Event Announcing, and lastly highlighting the All Equine Show in London March 27-29.

The first part - 0:00 - 15m:38s - Scully & Rodeo

The second part - 15m:39s - 32m:35m - All Equine Show in London



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Fifth Scale des Nations Recap
Saturday, 11 October 2014 16:25

stand2 Fifth Scale des Nations - Off-Road Dirt Oval

The inaugural Fifth Scale des Nations transpired October 4th - 5th, 2014 in Ontario, Canada. It was one of the most unique team-style of races ever hosted for 5ifth Scale Racers, and it was successfully received. Assimilating the FIM Trial des Nations, teams were created with members racing in Three of Four Classes: 2-wheel Drive Buggy, 2-wheel Drive Truck, 4-wheel Drive Truck and DBXL Desert Losi. To ensure even teams in terms of skill-level, a caveat was placed that drivers must reside within 30 kilometres or 30 miles of each other; or their next closest neighbours.

shavings shavings at fifth scale des nations

Prior to the first controlled practice, 14 teams were registered, notably a team from the Netherlands, America and Quebec, Canada, on top of the roster of teams from Ontario, Canada. In a two-day competition to see whom were the fastest drivers on dirt, originally the teams would be challenged between an off-road dirt track and a dirt-oval track.

Unfortunately, the weather wreaked havoc on the event, and first the track schedule was switched, and ultimately only one track would be featured, the Oval. By the close of registration, 10-teams were set to race for two days of racing in efforts to earn a $1,000 Purse. On day-one, the Oval had standing water, and the track crew waited to see if the wind would assist with the issue. Eventually, shavings and straw were added to the surface, and after a few "test laps", the event started... just after 1:30 on Saturday. There were a few breaks for natural watering (rain) throughout the program, however, a full schedule of controlled-practice, qualifying and Two-Motos (Double-A Mains) transpired.

On day-one, Team Netherlands' Rik Hofman of De Vecht, Netherlands was the 2wd Buggy Champion, Fibreglass Grannies' Richard Nash of Toronto, Ontario was the 2wd Truck Champion after earning Top-Qualifier and sweeping both Motos, Team Netherlands' Erwin Kattekamp of Veenendaal, Netherlands won the 4wd Truck after earning Top-Qualifier and sweeping both Motos, and RC Challenge Team's Daniel Latours of St. Helene de Bagot, Quebec earned Top-Qualifier and swept both Motos for DBXL Desert Losi.

monster DBXL desert losi racing

At the conclusion of Day One, the Fibreglass Grannies and Team Netherlands were tied based on finishes, however, the Fibreglass Grannies lead based on points, and the RC Challenge Team was a close third.

At 8:30 on Saturday Night, the decision to close the Off-Road track was made as RC Acres was still under water contrary to the team's all-day efforts to combat existing and new rainwater, and the Fifth Scale des Nations became a two-day Oval Race.

Day Two started a little later to accommodate two teams that didn't receive word about the schedule change, and everyone recieved enough time to practice for the day of redemption.

drift drifting fifth scale style

RC Challenge Team's Jean Bernard of Longuille, Quebec earned Top-Qualifier and won both Motos in 2wd Buggy, Richard Nash was the Moto Champion again in 2wd Truck for the Fibreglass Grannies, Erwin Kattekamp was again Top-Qualifier and swept both Moto's for Team Netherlands in 4wd Truck, while Daniel Latour swept both Motos again for the RC Challenge Team in DBXL Desert Losi.

At the conclusion of the 2nd day a the Fifth Scale des Nations, by one individual placing, or a handful of points, Team Netherlands consisting of Erwin Kattekamp (4wd Buggy), Rik Hofman (2wd Buggy) and Franciscus Brown (2wd Truck) were crowned the first ever Fifth Scale des Nations champions, while Fibreglass Grannies finished 2nd and the RC Challenge Team were 3rd on the podium.

baja baja 5b oval racing at 5ifth scale des nations

This event was managed and produced by Gus Bakos and the RC Acres Club Team, hosted by Glenn Styres and Ohsweken Speedway, with thanks to Skycraft Hobbies for on-site parts support, the countless volunteers that lent a hand when needed, Ken Jaggard for Flagging and Pace Car driving, and Dave Presnail for his many efforts in track construction and maintenance. The Race Director was Joe Scully.

5ifthScaledesNationsFull Team and individual class results are available HERE.

Stay tuned for many large-and-in-charge 5ifth scale events with unique formats, international appeal, challenging tracks and intense racing at 


netherlands Team Netherlands wins the Fifth Scale des Nations
podium The Winners at the 2014 Fifth Scale des Nations

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A Story of being a Cowboy
Monday, 10 February 2014 18:20

Back-to-Back Ontario Finals Rodeo Champion Saddle Bronc Rider Rodney WeeseThere's a Cowboy from Ontario, Canada that has tore up the rodeo trail and won a number of championships. And though he was was the reigning Two-Time Ontario Rodeo Association All Around Champion, Ontario Finals Rodeo and Year-end Champion Saddle Bronc Rider and much, much more... he was celebrated at the 2012 ORA Awards Banquet with what I think is one of the coolest stories of the past few years of rodeo competition.

Qualifying for the Ontario Finals Rodeo third, the Year-end Title would be a grind. However, back-to-back OFR Titles were well within reach.

At the previous OFR, he set the arena record twice at 70-points. The first was in the opening round of the 2012 OFR with 70 points vs. Rawhide Rodeo's #168 I'll Crush You. The second was the third round vs. Rawhide Rodeo's #23 Air Jordan. These stats come into play as we jump into the 2013 OFR.

In the Opening Round at the 2013 OFR, the champ drew #23 Air Jordan. They paired for 70-points, tying the arena record for a 3rd time; also being a 2nd time the champ and Air Jordan were at the top.

In the Second Round, it seemed Karma was riding in the truck with him as the champ again drew #168 I'll Crush You (the 70-point arena record match with the champ in the 1st round of the 2012 OFR). However, the ride wasn't as solid as the previous, and the champ was awarded a re-ride horse: Rawhide Rodeo's #57 Poison Ivy. Before the 8-seconds were complete on the re-ride, the champ was on the ground, and it seemed as if the gold buckle dreams would be dashed.

Into the third and final round, the champ drew none other than #57 Poison Ivy for a re-match... or a ride for redemption. And like a true champion, and a true cowboy, he not only went for 70 points... the pair were scored at 71-points for a new arena record.

As the dust settled, the 141 on 2 would be enough to win back-to-back OFR Championships.

That Champ is Rod Weese. And that was a cool story to watch unfold, to share as it unfolded, and to re-tell again. Grit. Determination. Cowboy.

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Lazy Sunday
Sunday, 19 January 2014 18:10

Lazy afternoon. @MarshallScully found and opened a dust-covered Garth Brooks box set and put on a disc. Booming through the stereo was stuff that I haven't heard (on radio or at events) in decades... but still remember almost every word for. It's amazing how "The Change" still gives me shivers.

I was a big GB fan; still am, but honestly forgot how big-big he was and what he did for Country.

The music is definitely taking me back to a different time, and ripping emotion through heavy-lyrics. 

And my boy has definitely acquired a great appreciation for REAL Country. 

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