What is a ProRodeo MC?

[proh-roh-dee-oh em-see]


1. a person who earns a living as a Master of Ceremonies, a field frequently engaged in by amateurs, at the public exhibition of cowboy skills, such as Bronc Riding, Bull Riding and Tiedown Roping.

Joe Scully

Origin: In 1975 when the Rodeo Cowboy's Association changed its name to the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, their product, Professional Rodeo was soon thereafter shortened to Pro-Rodeo. Eventually, the hyphen was dropped, and ProRodeo was emblazoned on decals, magazine ads and select media, and the term would become as common as "Y'all" in the South.

The competing International Professional Rodeo Association adapted a similar short form on all of their Association literature, and began conducting day-to-day business as the International Pro Rodeo Association.

As both Associations were claiming that they were "Pro", anyone involved in any faucet of the sport began using the title.

Scouring the Internet, a rodeo surfer would be hard pressed to find a clown, bullfighter, announcer or timer who didn't have the title "Professional Rodeo" ...blank.

It was out of that cliché, that the need for a unique title was recognized.

Joe Scully

Foraging ahead to the new Millennium, when pre-recording a Rodeo Intro for the Ontario Rodeo Association's Finals, the 2004 OFR, Radio Personality and Voice-over Talent Chris Biggs of Toronto, ON, CA refused to say "Rodeo Announcer". A Top-40 DJ/Live-to-air Host would not use such traditional words when talking to his normal audience. Example: even though the "Radio DJ" or "Radio Announcer" is at a nightclub, he plays the role of Master of Ceremonies , emcee or MC for short.. So, why would a hip talent at even a Rodeo be an Announcer, when really, he's an emcee? Following the words, "Your 2004 OFR MC...", a new trend would start.

Soon thereafter, the Rodeo Announcer or Emcee in reference began Announcing Rodeos as their full-time Occupation. Encompassed with their relentless preparations, outstanding work ethic, accountability, talents and an overall, "under-promise, over-deliver" attitude, Pro was added to Rodeo, and it was out of this sequence of events that the title of ProRodeo MC was born.

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